Brush Cleaning

by - April 11, 2014

Cleaning your makeup brushes is one of those tasks that we all have to do, for me, it's a Sunday evening job which is always put off to the last minute. However, I know many people who have used the same makeup brush for months and haven't even washed it! For those of you who don't wash your makeup brushes regularly well let me tell you why it's a very good idea. When you apply your foundation you're getting all the bacteria from your skin and letting it nestle it's way into the brush. The next time you use your brush, the same thing happens, except the bacteria from the previous time is now ALSO on your skin. This will then cause you to have horrible spot outbreaks, which no girl wants! Eye brushes are less of a problem but I would still recommend to deep clean them every few weeks.

Here's what I do to keep my brushes clean and bacteria free!

1. Lay out all your dirty brushes which need to be cleaned.
2. Dampen the brush slightly with lukewarm water.
3. Pump your cleaning product of choice (I use a shampoo that is not too harsh) into the palm of your hand.
4. Start swirling your makeup brush in the palm of your hand, adding small amounts of water to lather up the product.
5. Gently squeeze out the product and watch the dirt disappear into the plughole...
6. Then re-shape the brush and let dry on a towel.

 If you are prone to having breakouts then maybe consider washing your brushes more than the regular person and maybe you will see an improvement with your skin? However, of course the more you wash your brushes the quicker they will wear out. So, now your makeup brushes will be super clean and ready to use!

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Do your brushes need a clean?

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  1. Such great tips! My makeup brushes are due for a clean ;)

    Cory x