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by - April 03, 2014

Everyone has to start somewhere. I only got my first follower after a few months of blogging so most days it felt like I was writing to no one! I am now lucky enough to have over 100 followers just after a year. Blogging is definitely something I enjoy and love. I've been meaning to do this post for quite a little while now, so here are my top tips on starting a beauty blog.

The two main sites on which you can create your blog on are Blogger and Wordpress. Blogger is the simpler of the two, for the non techniqual people . It takes you though the steps to create a simple layout and is easy to navigate. Which is why I started off my blog on this platform and still am! Whereas Wordpress is HTML based, so if you are not sure what HTML even is then I'd stick with blogger.

Name & Direction
This is one of the most trickiest parts of making your blog because you're going to be stuck with it for a long time unless you change it quite early on. Try and think of something catchy and not too long. This way, people can remember it and you will still like it in the next five years. It's also a good idea to think about what you wish to blog about and how it will be different from the rest. Are you going to try and focus it all on OOTD's or just reviews? This will most likely change when you begin to blog but it's all about trial and error. In the end it will have helped you focus on a topic and be on the right track for an amazing blog.

Most bloggers will read blogs which have a well done design which isn't cluttered. This does not mean it has to be at all fancy or professionally designed but I think the main priorities should be easy to read, easy to navigate and clear social media links. It's okay to change your design every now and then because we will all change our mind on what we like. When I first started blogging my background was pink but then it quickly changed to white. I think the more simpler it is the more you will like it and not want to change it. Think about what you like in other people's blogs design i.e: a search bar or popular posts. Try and make it overall an enjoyable visit for your readers.

When you first start off blogging, it's a good idea to invest in a decent camera. You don't need one but it will make a huge difference to the quality of your pictures. DSLRs can be expensive but again will make your photos look a higher quality. A simple point and shoot camera can work too (I still use one!) If you take your own photos it's usefull to invest in a tripod which can be bought on Amazon.

It's all about the content
Content is by far the most important part of blogging. You might have an amazing design but if the content isnt great you won't get readers revisiting. Try and be original. Everyone loves the haul or hype but try and make each post unique. Think of something no one else has done - this is what will make the audience want to come back and read more. Try and be consistent, whether your uploading daily or weekly. It's nice for the readers to know when to expect a new post. Your posts don't have to be essays so try and find your style of writing. The last point is most bloggers like to see large photos rather than tiny small ones!

So I hope this post has helped you get started. The key to blogging is trial and error and to have confidence in yourself. I'm thinking of creating more of these topic posts like Making time for blogging and Using social media to promote your blog. Happy blogging!

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  1. Such a great post :) thanks for the tips
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