White Nails For Spring

by - March 30, 2014

White is the new black this spring and what better way to wear it than on your nails?  I've never really been convinced on the white nail look as I think it can look quite washed out (and as it's such a bold colour you have to have the perfect mani!) However, recently I have been  gravitating towards them more but I still haven't found the perfect polish so maybe you could give me a couple of recommendations... 

On my nails is the Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish in Winter Baby (£2.99) - this is quite a milky, white colour and not as opaque as I was expecting it to be. I painted three coats and you can still slightly see my nail through the polish, making it quite time consuming! But it did not leave streak marks which I definitely didn't want. The consistency isn't at all gloopy and I can easily do the 'one stroke' like Essie nail polishes. Once I had given myself the time for this mani, it ended up looking really lovely (my trick is to leave a clean gap between your cuticle and polish,) very glossy and looks long lasting too! 

Even though I love the look of my white nails I am still on the hunt for the perfect white polish. 

What are your thoughts on white nails?

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  1. I'm a big fan of white nails - they're just so simple yet eye-catching, especially in contrast with darker skin. And yep, they're pretty hard to accomplish, so I never dared to try them. I love that color on you but maybe we should go continue the hunt for a brighter shade of white xx


    1. I agree with you! White nails look so nice if you are wearing everything white or black!

      Florence xoxo