Pretty Spring Wishlist

by - March 11, 2014


1. Alexa Chung It - Waterstones or Urban Outfitters
2. Real Techniques Core Collection - Boots
3. Soap & Glory Solar Powder - Boots
4. Topshop Glow - Topshop
5. Caged Sandals - New Look
6. Pink Cup - Ikea

Now that the sun has wanted to shine, I'm currently dreaming of all the pretty pastel coloured items. As always I am late to jump on the band wagon with the Alexa Chung book. Everyone says it's such a good read and it looks so cute on your dresser! I've been lusting over quite a lot of makeup this month especially the Real Techniques Core Core collection but I've got to hold back as I've already got wayyy too much. How amazingly cool are these shoes? Black + cut outs = the perfect shoe! I do need some more shoes so maybe that will justify me buying them?
What do you think of my wishlist?

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  1. Love these things Florence! Just to let you know, the Alexa Chung book is meant to be reallllyyy bad! Haha, but I still want it too for its pretty qualities!!xx

    1. Thanks Poppy and well some people have said it is quite good but I mainly want it so it can look nice in my room hahha!

      Florence xoxo