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by - March 09, 2014

Sunday has rolled around the corner too quickly this week, why can't it be Saturday everyday? Today I'm having a bit of a lazy day and might be re-designing some parts of my blog. However that is irrelevant to today's post which is of course a lovely array of this weeks most loved products.  I only have three things to show you but they are all amazing!

I'll begin with body care which I definitely have a love for! I've been using the Body Shop Mango Body Scrub (£12.50) for quite some time now, I haven't seen a difference in smoothness of skin but I love how gentle the grains are. It effortlessly melts and turns into a oil like consistency which I then can just rub into my skin.

I had never really tried this brand but I have suddenly been loving it! It's the Lipfusion Infatuation Liquid Shine Lipgloss  ($29 for full size) . That's a mouthful! I have mine in first crush which is like a dark nude which for me is my lips but better. It has amazing pigmentation but doesn't feel sticky at all! However the tube does get very messy!

Last on my list is Malava Pure Diamond Nail Polish (£4.50). It's definitely safe to say I'm always seen wearing this nail polish over any colour! Well I am a sucker for a good glitter nail polish. It has flecks of green, blue and purple which bounce of the light like a disco ball! See it in use here.

Have you tried any of these products?

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