June Goals

by - June 04, 2018

I can't believe that it is June already - half the year is already gone! May was a month of sunshine, birthday celebrations (not mine) and trying to relax in the half-term. Also, I can't forget to mention that I managed to not miss one single post, let's hope I can continue this streak into June! Yet, looking forward, June will be a hectic month for me with the daunting thought of exams, so keeping on top of blogging will be a tricky one! Now let's focus on my goals for this month.
01. This is the last month before Summer begins, and so, of course, I have to have the classic goal of working out. I typically can only last a 10-minute workout (bit lame), but I want to survive a full body blast without dying. I also, want to keep up with a schedule of working out, rather than doing it when 'I feel like it'. Now, I'm not expecting to achieve the perfect beach body, but I want to be able to see a difference and feel overall more positive! 

02. Personal statement. The two dreaded words that I have been putting off for months. By the beginning of Summer, I am expected to hand in a complete personal statement. I recently went to take a look at the Nottingham Trent Design Degree Shows (I highly recommend checking this out), which was so interesting to take a peek at all of their portfolio work, and see what I could potentially be producing. This has started to help me narrow down which course I want to do (I am toying with 'Textile Design' and 'Fashion Communication and Promotion')

03. Carrying on from May, I am wanting to continue saving my money, hopefully for a big shopping spree right before Summer holidays! I've got to the point (I think everyone has this) where I look at my wardrobe and nothing excites me - I just end up wearing the same outfit. So, this year I want to save enough money to buy new clothes that not only are staples but also ones which are out of my comfort zone (hint: I really want a straw bag). 

04. Lastly, my blogging goal for this month. I want to reach 300 followers on Bloglovin by the start of Summer, which is a wishful goal, but I know that if I put in enough time to promote my blog, I can make it happen! If you're already not an active follower, help me out now by clicking here!

What are your exciting new goals for the month of June?

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  1. That photo's so pretty! Good luck on your exams, not long to go until Summer kicks off ( I need it to hurry up haha). I recently purchased one of those straw bags because I've seen them EVERYWHERE and honestly it's the best thing I've ever done!xo

  2. Wow! What blogger template you are using pls?

  3. Hi! I wrote you a message about possible collaboration, did you get it?