Latest Lust: The Lob

by - February 16, 2015

Latest Lust: The Lob

I'll have to admit I've always been pretty scared to do something drastic to my hair - especially after my traumatic breakdown experience of not loving my haircut. I've mainly stuck to the same old hairstyle which is all one length - pretty boring to be honest! But now my hairs got to the point where it looks as if there are two hairstyles rolled into one but failing miserably.

I'm now just ready for a change and quick! Which is why I'm seriously loving the lob...

You're all probably wondering - what the hell is a lob? Well it's simply a long bob. It's officially the haircut of 2015 and many celebrities have been seen rocking it (and hopefully I will be too!) I've always wanted a hairstyle that looks and is effortless to create. As in wake up, put a bit of texturing spray in and you're done, effortless. I love these inspiration images that I've collected as they're all rocking that messy beach wave 'I just woke up' hair. Which is totally my go to look.

Ever since I saw Amanda Steele's hair, I've been obsessed with the lob so I decided to just go for the chop but that's when the disastrous meltdown happened! However I am determined this time to get it right, fingers crossed! Will update you on how it goes but in the meanwhile adios!! 

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  1. I think you should go for it! I love this look, I kinda want to grow my hair long and make it look "beachy" and messy for summer then get a lob afterwards! :) x

    1. I was contemplating if I should keep it long for the summer but I've done the chop!! I'm very pleased with the final look - definitely easier to maintain!

      Florence xoxo

  2. The lobb is my favourite look currently- although I'm just not brave enough to pluck up the courage. Alexa and Kim K's are great, Sienna has a sharp one too!