by - March 31, 2013

Happy Easter, hope your having a great time and enjoying munching on chocolate, I know I will! Just to say I am really sorry that I have been gone for 2 weeks, so I thought it would be a great time to do a post. 

Recently I have been trying to get into a proper skincare routine ( If you want me to do a post on it then comment down below) and have been really loving a lot of Simple Skincare products. A lot of you will have probably heard of this brand but maybe not tried some of their products out - so today I'm  going to do a review on my top three products.

Simple, Kind To Skin Facial Cleansing Wipes, £3.25:

These wipes are great for sensitive skin because they contain no alcohol, colour, perfume or oil. They also have a variety of  vitamins to keep the skin soft. Each full size packet come with 25 wipes, which lasts me a long time. I use these to take my makeup off my face and sometimes if I'm in a rush cleanse as well. They take off makeup really quickly without any tugging. I initally bought these for my eyes because they have no alcohol in or perfume because my eyes sometimes get irritated when using wipes. Luckily I do not get any irritation when using these. Each makeup wipe has enough remover soaked in, but sometimes gets too dry or even too wet. The packaging is really eye catching, however the sticker which covers the wipes comes non sticky very easily, which sucks. Overall I give this product a 4/5 !

Simple, Spotless Skin Rapid Action Spot Zapper, £5.49:

Lately I have been having trouble with a lot of breakouts on my t zone area and I just really wanted to get rid of them by the summer. This is meant to zap spots in just 4 hours, that was the main reason why I wanted to try this product out. At first I was a bit worried whether this would actually work in under 4 hours, but I was surprised when I saw that my spots had reduced in redness. I apply this around 3 or 4 times a day and within a week or less the spots have completely gone or just about to. Simple say to apply it directly onto spots as soon as they appear and then to repeat application until they have disappeared. This is really easy to apply, as it has a rollerball applicator. This makes sure that the right amount of product is distributed onto the affected area. When you do apply this spot treatment it's quite cooling and you sometimes get a tingling sensation, which can irritate people. This smells strongly of camomile and freshly goodness. This product also has four different types of spot fighting ingredients which is even better! Overall I would give this a 5/5 !  

Simple, Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser, £3.79:
This moisturiser is great for people who do not like any scent because this one has definitely no scent what so ever! This product contains Pro-Vitamin B5 to restore, soften and smooth the skin, vitamin E to moisturise and improve the skin. It also contains two skin loving nutrients which are; Glycerin which hydrates, nourishes and moisturises for 12 hours. Also Borage seed oil which renews and regenerates the skin. So as you can see there is a lot of good ingredients which has gone into this product. I have quite dry skin and this product has really helped my skin to reduce in dryness. This moisturiser leaves a lovely glow on my face and feels very light and not heavy on my skin, this is great for a base for my makeup. It also sinks into my skin really quickly which is a big plus and it doesn't leave my skin looking oily! However I would have liked it if it had some sort of SPF in it but overall a definite 5/5 !

As you can see my those three reviews I either gave them a 4 or a 5 because I just love them too much! They are cheap and cheerful as well, so I really strongly recommend you to go and pick these up at your local store. 

Have you tried these products?
What simple products do you love?


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  1. I have these products my self and I love them! Please can you do a post on your skincare routine:)?

    1. Yes they are very good aren't they! And okay , if I get more than five peoples feedback then yes I will :)xx

  2. Thanks for sharing! Last time I went to the store I was wondering whether I should buy the Simple moisturizer, now I'm convinced. :)