by - March 16, 2013

Hi guys today there is some bad news, if any of you have Bloglovin you might have seen this.......

Yes, supposedly Google Reader is shutting down, but luckily I found out that I don't even use it as I view all the new posts on my Blogger dashboard. However some people are saying that our dashboard will be affected as well :( so just to be safe I registered with Bloglovin!

You can follow my blog: here

I will be putting up links on the side bar shortly.

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  1. I'm kind of annoyed to about Google Reader going because loads of people use it. I have followed you on blog lovin', would you mind following me on it? Love your blog xoxox

  2. This is soo annoying because lots use google reader. I have followed you x
    Just thought I’d let you know my blog (the satchel girl) has moved because it’s blogger template won’t update at all. Please could you follow my new blog: