Who To Follow On Instagram | Part Two

by - December 30, 2014

I'm back today with another installment of my Insta-spiration. I've got a collection of lust worthy feeds which you're bound to swoon over! These are my top fashion feeds to inspire your everyday wear - bound to make your wishlist 10x longer and your purses empty! I have also thrown in some orgasmic food pictures for any of you food lovers out there.
NYC based, digital art director, Erica Choi has a love for exploring the city but also a love for fashion. Her blog and instagram feature many of her sophisticated and luxury outfits - they always look so chic. Her feed is also filled with tons of mouth watering food snaps. If you need any healthy living inspiration, Erica is the one to follow.
Jenn has a definite unique sense of style with a Korean influence for her outfits. Her YouTube channel also showcases many fashion related videos- one being my favorite called 'What Would Jenn Wear' - a great advice video for those stuck in a fashion dilemma. 
A reasonably new follow of mine, Cassi and Ricci are also YouTuber's where they share their passion for fashion through lookbooks and hauls. Their style is very similar to mine as they incorporate a lot of neutral and mono-tone colours. Expect simplisstic outfits filled with lots of fun and informative videos!

Who do you love to follow on Instagram? Don't forget to check out my latest blog survey...

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  1. these all look like lovely accounts xx


  2. These all look great, I shall have to go and look at them :) Lovely post xo

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  4. I love jenn's style too! I love these posts, so much instagram envy/inspiration!! hope you had a great xmas and new year X


    1. Look out for more of these Instagram posts in the future!

      Florence xo