Harajuku Lovers Perfumes

by - August 04, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Over the numbers of years I have seemed to accumulate a lot of these Harajuki Lovers perfumes.
I think it's probably the cute packaging that makes me love them so much or the fact that they look even cuter standing on my mantelpiece. They are Gwen Stefani's perfume range and are inspired by her Japanese backing dancers!

Jingle G:
This is obviously a Christmas perfume and is designed to hang from your tree! It's quite a vanilla scent.

G (Snow Bunnies range):
This is a winter special edition one, and smells a lot like coconuts.

Lil' Angel (Snow Bunnies range)
This is another special edition and is sweet and fruity

Baby (Snow Bunnies range)
The scent of this seems to me to be a mixture of vanilla and florals.

This is another fruity perfume.

Fruity again!

Super G:
This is my favourite and is floral and fruity with a hint of pineapple 

Recently I have been having trouble finding them in shops which is annoying because I know that there are a lot more in the range. The great thing about them is that when you have finished the perfume you still have a super cute bottle to keep!

Do you have any other ones in the Harajuku collection?

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  1. The superhero one is very adorable! I haven't spotted a bottle on a local shop yet but I really want one!


    1. Yes it is so cute! Sadly, I haven't seen them either :(

      Florence xoxo

  2. Wow they are so cute! :3 I definitely want to try out the last one!! :D
    Alice xx