Worth The Hype? #2

by - July 06, 2013

Hey Guys,

I realised I hadn't done a 'Worth The Hype?' post for quite a little while and you all seemed to like it so here is another one! 

Ever since the EOS lip balms came out, I was dying to try one. There had been so much hype and commotion about how moisturising they are, from the blends of different oils that I thought they were bound to be amazing! The very intriguing packaging definitely drew me towards this lip balm as it's very unique but, it is quite annoying because it is a lot bigger than compared to other lip balms. The shape of the actual lip balm is also very different as it's domed. I was wondering - how is it going to keep it's shape in the heat? I tested this product out on a very hot day and kept checking it thinking that it would be just in a lump of goo, but surprisingly not!

The scent of this is unbelievable, it's amazing! The application of this lip balm is matte and does feel very smooth when on. However, I feel like after a few hours or so of wear my lips feel a little bit dry and chapped. Which is really annoying, but I usually just use this under another lip product as it has a matte finish to it. Also even better this lip balm is 100% natural and 95% organic!

So, is this worth the hype?
Kind of but kind of not, the EOS lip balm does look very nice on the lips but is sometimes a bit too drying. I will definitely use all the product, but if I had the chance to buy/get it again I would rather just choose plain old Vaseline. 

You can find my other 'Worth The Hype? post here.
Have you tried the EOS?
What's your opinion on them?

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  1. I dont have the EOS but I have a Balmi which is very similar and it is also quite drying. Maybe its the shape I don't know, but I agree, domed ones aren't worth the hype xo

    1. I have been wanting to try the Balmi but some people have said they are quite drying, and yes they are quite drying!!!

      Florence xoxo

  2. I actually don't think these are worth the hype! I don't think they're very moisturising either!

    Mollie xo

    1. Yes, not worth the hype and lovely blog!

      Florence xoxo