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by - February 03, 2013

Hey everyone,

I don't know if you can tell but the quality should be so much better! Basically I have a new camera! Enough of that gibberish  now onto the products!

Recently I got the Snow Fairy box set from lush in the sale, it comes with three products to try out. So here comes the

♥Snow fairy Shower Gel 100g,  When I first smelled it I thought it was disgusting but now the smell is growing on me. It has a strong scent which is meant to smell of candyfloss? There is also glitter particles in, so you will shimmer all day and night.

♥Angel's Delight Soap 70g, This uplifting, fruit, jelly baby scented soap has sweet orange and tangerine essential oils! This one is also glittery and pink, (quite a theme going on here?) Saying that this is quite big, it will probably last you for quite some time. This and the shower gel would be perfect together.

♥Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar 30g, Smooth this on your skin to sparkle. This one is vanilla scented so not as sweet. I have heard so much about this Glitter Bar, I was so excited to get this in the set.  Again this one has some shimmers in as you might of guessed.

*If you want me to do a review on this than please comment down below*

What's your favorite Lush Goodie?

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  1. I love the cuteness of it all, snow fairy is one of my all time favourites!
    Imogen <3

    1. Thanks! I am still waiting to try it out <3 xxx