Avon Mega Impact Gel Eyeliner

by - February 05, 2013

Hey everyone!

Today i'm going to review the Avon Mega Impact Eyeliners and overall I do really like these. 
*Disclaimer* I did get this for Christmas so I don't know how much this product was, however I do believe they are on sale for £3! So go and grab them quick.


When I am applying this eyeliner it does go on very smoothly without having to tug at my eye. The colour payoff is pretty good, mine is in cobalt so it's a dark blue perfect in the tight line!

After a few minutes of letting it sit on the eyelid, it sticks very firmly and is quite tough to rub off. So this is defiantly a none smudging eyeliner.

This does transfer onto my upper lid crease, which is annoying but it is not that noticeable.

Overall it ticks all my boxes from not smudging, to great colour payoff. But I do wish it wouldn't transfer , a trick to prevent that happening  is to set your eyeliner with a bit of eye shadow ( a matching colour) and hopefully it will stay put!

If you have tried these put down your thoughts in the comments, and don't forget to leave a link to your blog so we can all check it out!

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