Hi, I'm Florence, a 17-year-old food loving and style obsessed teenager. I initially started this blog back in 2013 as a side hobby, posting whenever and whatever I wanted! Now fast forward five years it has evolved into sharing my personal style, beauty hits and misses, travel experiences and the (if people wish to take them) tips and tricks I have learnt on the way. You can see the evolution it has made in regards to photos, posts and overall stance on design.

Within the blog, I am an activist for authenticity (and feminism) chatting about the latest trainer I'm loving or my plans for the Summer! Beyond Imagination is geared to all those girls wanting to find an outlet from their daily life, as well as those living their best life! This blog has been my outlet and I want it to be others too. 

Fancy collaborating? Contact me at beyondimaginationblog@gmail.com