A Guide To Letting Go | Makeup Expiry Dates

by - January 06, 2015

When it comes to beauty products, there is one one thing that we've all been guilty of - keeping a product far beyond its expiry date. We always have many reasons as to why we hold onto these products-they were expensive, it's limited edition, I haven't used it up yet and the most famous excuse 'you never know I might need it.' This is said to be the cause of many breakouts, skin rashes and allergic reactions.

So, below I have listed the time frames in which each product shall last. Hopefully this post will make you de-clutter your extensive amount of makeup and who knows what you'll find in there... 

*The pictures above state how long each product should last, these numbers are just an average from what I have found*

A lot of the time I'm unsure if a product is past it's expiry date so just get rid of it. If it smells rancid or the texture has gone a bit funny - toss it. It's always better to be safe and throw away a product rather than getting an eye infection! Plus you get the thrill of picking up some new products.

Also, you can always check the product itself. Most likely it will have a POA (period-after-use) recommendation. You know the little opened jar with a number and an M inside of it? Well, it's an indication of the number of months after first opening that they recommend you to toss the product.

However just to note, natural products expire faster than others as they don't have chemicals to extend their shelf lives. So toss your natural products sooner than others.

Next time your rummaging through your makeup bag and you see the first ever lipstick you got - TOSS IT!

How many products have you thrown away?

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  1. I read different else where - go by when you think. I had maybelline rocket volume mascara and a year on its only just nearly finished and works just as good.
    My mac foundation after a year i still had half a bottle and when i put it on it made my skin look worse.

  2. this is really helpful, but I hardly ever buy a new mascara! x

    1. Well then at least this gives an excuse for you to buy some more makeup! ♥

      Florence xo

  3. This is such a helpful guide for those who are unfamiliar with Make Up expiration dates! ^ ^


  4. Great post! I had no idea mascara and liquid liner went off so quickly. I'm sure my liquid liners are about 8 months old!

    The Naily Mail

  5. I clear my makeup collection out once every few months to make sure it all stays hygenic!