Topshop Barefoot

by - September 28, 2014

Topshop have some of the best nail polishes on the high street but they have never really been talked about in the blogging world. One of my favourite shades is barefoot which is the perfect mink pink and would look amazing on darker toned people.

This colour is hardly noticeable from far away but when up close it's a very pretty rose pink. Whenever I'm in a rush when painting  my nails this is the colour I always reach for as it dries super quickly and goes with any outfit (so no panicking five minutes before you have to leave!)  It has a very sophisticated look when on the nails and would give a modern twist to the classic french manicure. This polish lasted just under a week with no chipping which is great for a high street brand. For £5 a bottle you can't really go wrong, they're a bargain!

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Have you tried topshop nail polish?

Would you wear this colour?

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  1. This looks like the perfect colour for school as they don't allow us to wear nail polish. Such a pretty nude colour!


  2. I have this too! It's the only Topshop polish I own and I love it :) xo

  3. Just a gorgeous colour. I think it's perfect for autumn. I love Topshop's nail collection- they are all so pretty.