Bath Time Pamper Perfection!

by - September 15, 2013

Hey Everyone!

We all love a pamper - don't we? Well I know I do, and it's super easy! All you need is a hot, bubbly bath and some lovely beauty products to indulge in, it's that simple.

Here are the products that I use:

1. Marks & Spencer, Rose Moisture Rich Foaming Bath Essence
To create the bubbles of my bath, I use a foaming, rose scented bubble bath. It leaves the bathroom smelling of a rose garden - the perfect pamper scent!

2. Hello Kitty Liberty Body Scrub
Came as a set 
By the end of the day we probably will have dry skin, so to ex-foliate I use a body scrub. I tend to use one with less harsh grains, as otherwise it will be too ruff on my skin. I especially try and concentrate on my arms which is the most affected area of my body. 

3. Mark Hill, Big Night Out Get Ready To Party! Pre Styling Shampoo
I always like the feeling of fresh hair, so I lather up a shampoo and rinse thoroughly with water. The one which I use at the moment is great for styling and getting volume. 

4.  Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask
When I get out of the bath I apply a peel off face mask. When I take it off my skin feels clean and fresh. My skin also looks more radiant.

5. Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cleanser
Before I use the face mask, I wash my face to get rid of any excess makeup, dirt and oil. Also leaving my face feel clean and fresh.

6. The Body Shop Body Butter, Peach Vineyard
After my long, hot bath I massage The Body Shop, body butter onto my skin. The reason why I like this is because it's very very thick. It also sinks in really well and leave my skin feel super soft!

7. Schwarzkopf Seah Hair spa, Winter care mask
Instead of using a conditioner, I use a hair mask, this just locks in more moisture and leaves my hair looking super duper shiny and very healthy!

I hope this post gave you some ideas on what to use for your pamper evenings! Also, can you see a difference in my blog design?!  The amazing Rachelle from Beloved Bluebird was able to re-design my blog and I am so grateful! Please go check out her blog and also follow, she is nearly at 100 followers!!

What do use in your pamper evening?

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  1. Great post! Loving your new design aswell xoxo
    Lucy xx